Vacu3d w dwóch przyjaznych formatach folii online store A4 Vacu3d in two comfortable sizes & A3



is an irreplaceable device for a wide group of users ranging from education, through industry to design and technology intensification for owners of 3d printers and cnc machines.




Desktop and compact thermoformer with industrial features.

modern ceramic infrared heaters

non-contact temperature measurement of material

original design

solid aluminum casing

high-powered vacuum turbine

indestructible and maintenance-free steel gaskets



Short production runs on your desk.


Vacu3d is a bridge between 3d printing and industrial production of objects by plastic injection.

Print one 3d model and make hundreds of prints on Vacu3d.





Design and create your own models for thermoforming .

Models for Vacu3d can be made by 3d printing technology, cnc machines or manually from many publicly available materials, e.g. plastic, metal, wood, plaster, soap.

Work comfort


ergonomic one-hand operation

easy to use interface

colored touch screen

multilingual dedicated software

service zones technologically isolated from hot elements

ready to work out of the box

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What is thermoforming?

Thermoforming is process of vacuum pressing of pre-heated panels or plastic films. Foil heated to the appropriate temperature is stretched on a model and the shape of the model is mapped by air suction. It is one of the simpler ways of producing three-dimensional elements in industry – now thanks to Vacu3d available to a wide range of recipients.

What does it do?

Thermoforming technology is ubiquitous in our lives. Every day we pass a lot of objects that have been produced by thermoforming, including:

  • trays,

  • forms,

  • games,

  • coffers,

  • mugs,

  • masks,

  • mock-up,

  • models,

  • housing of electrical devices,

  • machine housing,

  • special purpose housing,

  • packaging of household chemistry products artykułów chemii gospodarczej,

  • cosmetics packaging,

  • packaging of industrial products,

  • covers,

  • ornaments,

  • transport pallets,

  • short-series products,

  • prototypes,

  • advertising signs,

  • saucers,

  • suitcases,

  • walizki,

  • bathtubs,

  • toys

  • and many others.





Why is Vacu3d so innovative?

Thermoforming technology has been known for many years and reserved for large machines used in craft or industry. Vacu3d is a desktop device that has all the features of industrial thermoforming machines. Thanks to this, popular industrial technology has become available on a small scale for a wide range of constructors, designers and manufacturers of short series and hobbyists.

The attractive purchase cost of the device and the low cost of its operation are very important for the users.

What do 3d printers and cnc machines have in common with thermoforming?

Many people use 3D printers in short series of housing or utility items. In 3D printing, the applied layers are a great disadvantage not only visually, but also structurally. Thermoforming can replace time consuming 3d printing – this process is incomparably faster. All you have to do is print one model and then create hundreds of items with excellent mechanical and visual parameters. On 3D printers and cnc machines, such as milling machines or lathes, you can make excellent thermoforming models for plastics, wood and metal.

What do you need for thermoforming?

To create a thermoformed object we need three things:

– thermoforming device,

– model,

– plastic plate or film.


We offer our device for thermoforming. Vacu3d has a number of features that make it unique compared to other solutions.

Thanks to the compact housing, the structure is mobile and allows you to work in an office environment. Simple and intuitive control using dedicated software makes that Vacu3d can be called a desktop with a clear conscience. Carefully designed and thought-out mechanism makes it easy to handle Vacu3d with one hand. The consumables supplied by the Vacu3d manufacturer are in friendly sizes A4 or A3. Vacu3d was designed by professionals, and its construction uses reliable components enclosed in a durable and aesthetic housing made of aluminum. Steel indestructible seals are just one of many details that praise both beginners and advanced users. Wanting to create a device of the highest quality, the team of constructors decided to equip Vacu3d with the most modern ceramic heaters on the market and a strong 2kW air turbine. All components are controlled by an electronic temperature measurement and control system, which makes working with Vacu3d not only efficient, but also easy and pleasant.

The Vacu3d device is ready to work right out of the box. The large screen colors and easy interface encourage you to start working immediately.

Models can be made by ourselves on both 3d printers, cnc machines and by hand. The most friendly material for molds is gypsum. For a larger number of prints, a more durable material such as plastics or wood is recommended. Professionals will eagerly reach for aluminum. Forms can be built, depending on the complexity, as internal and external. In any case, it should be remembered that the model does not include the so-called negative angles that prevent the molded part from being removed from the model. More complex objects can be created from many models, cutting various shapes and holes in the extrudates and gluing or twisting them.

Plastic sheets or foils are available in various thicknesses and colors. We have the most universal and popular on sale. Other materials can be selected depending on the requirements for thermoformed products. Transparent materials are also available.Before buying in local plastic warehouses, it is always necessary to pay attention to whether the material is intended for thermoforming.

What to do with the molded part removed from the thermoformer?

What to do with the molded part removed from the thermoformer?

Cut the shape of the object you want to receive. In the case of plate and film moldings up to a thickness of 1 mm, hand knives and scissors are sufficient. In the case of thicker, a very handy tool will be a miniature manual DREMEL milling machine for cutting shapes and holes. For producers of larger series of moldings, we suggest using a desktop fretsaw or circular cutter. Professionals will undoubtedly use cnc milling machines that guarantee speed and high quality of machining.

Most plastics can be painted and metalized. This also applies to products created in the thermoforming process. This opens up very wide possibilities for using this technology.

What’s next?

If you have any questions, we offer help. We are happy to make test prints on Vacu3d also on your models. For those who are interested in our company’s headquarters, we provide training in Vacu3d service and model making. We are a producer of Vacu3d, we provide warranty and post-warranty service in the on-line system and door to door.

And between us, Vacu3d is durable and reliable.

Available materials

Vacu3d is compatible with many materials used in the thermoforming process. We sell HIPS in several thicknesses and colors.

You can also buy other materials at good local plastic wholesalers.