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Vacu3d A3




Technical parameters of Vacu3d A3


Type Vacu3D A3

230V power supply
Power max. 3650W
Max. Temperature 190 ° C The dimensions of the A3 film
Technical parameters Vacu3d A3
Max. 3mm film thickness
Types of films: HIPS, ABS, PVC, PETG, PP, PC, PMMA, PE, PET and other

Max. working field for a convex model:
– width 240mm
– 360mm length
– height 100mm

Max. working field for an intaglio model:
– 260mm width
– 380mm length
– height 100mm

Internal vacuum turbine 2000W
Touch-colored control panel.
The proprietary Vacu3D control program
Aluminum and steel construction.


Vacu3d A3 is a larger version of the highly-acclaimed Vacu3d A4 model. Like the smaller model, this device allows you to perform a vacuum thermoforming process in office conditions. Like all devices in the Vacu3d series, it only needs mains voltage (there are versions for different markets) and consumables in the form of appropriately cut foils.