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Vacu3d A4


Technical parameters of Vacu3d A4


Type Vacu3D
230V power supply
Power max. 2540W
Max. Temperature 190 ° C Dimensions of the A4 film
Max. 3mm film thickness
Types of films: HIPS, ABS, PVC, PETG, PP, PC, PMMA, PE, PET and others


Max. working field for a convex model:

– width 155mm

– 240mm length

– height 100mm


Max. working field for an intaglio model:

– 170mm width

– 260mm length

– height 100mm


Internal vacuum turbine 2000W

Touch-colored control panel.

The proprietary Vacu3D control program

Aluminum and steel construction.


Vacu3d A4 is a device for thermoforming. Thanks to Vacu3d vacuum thermoforming process reserved so far for the industry can easily be carried out in office conditions. To work with Vacu3d it is enough to power by mains (there are versions for different markets) and consumables in the form of appropriately cut foils. Unlike other installations available on the market, it does not require an expensive pneumatic installation.

Vacu3d is so easy to use that a child could work on it (and can do it under the supervision of an adult). A well-thought-out ergonomic design allows you to work safely on the device without additional protective measures such as gloves.

Non-contact measurement using a pyrometer and a modified turbine make the thermoforming process very efficient despite the compact form of the device.

The professional construction made of aluminum and steel guarantees long and reliable work. On the device you can work on your own or dedicated materials purchased in our store. The popular A4 size is sufficient for most applications.